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SensorBox IoT

The SSM-COM-003 platform designed by Subsea Mechatronics SL is an ideal base on which to build a wide variety of IoT projects that can vary from the collection and sending of meteorological variables to the automatic on and off of the components connected to it.

The SSM-COM-005 allows great versatility when implementing all types of IoT projects or those that require or allow communication with the cloud.

Main features

  • Modularity.
  • Different communication protocols.
  • Flexibility in communications, adaptable to serial and analog communication.
  • Low consumption, controllable and measurable.
  • Automatic reports, Cloud storage, Big Data.
  • Supports major industrial sensor protocols.
  • Robust system.
  • Industrial temperature range.


  • Microcontrolador

    Modelo: ARM Cortex M0 48 MHz

    Memoria Interna: 32 kB SRAM

    Memoria Flash Externa: Tarjeta MicroSD hasta 64 Gb

    Memoria ROM Externa: 256 kB

    Comunicación soportada

    2 canales RS232

    1 canal RS485

    2 x UART



    Módulos de expansión de comunicaciones


    GSM (2G,3G,4G) / NB-IoT





    GPS opcional
    Lectura analógica

    8 canales (ampliables*) Configurable de 4 a 20mA

    Dimensiones100 x 125 x 25 mm (Largo x Ancho x Alto)
    Temperatura de trabajoDe -20°C a +80°C

    5V microUSB

    6-24 VDC

    Batería externa opcional

    *Mediante placa de lecturas analógicas

    SSM NOTA: Las características y especificaciones técnicas pueden variar sin previo aviso.

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