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Oil in Water Sensor

The SSM-OiW-SENSOR sensor is a hydrocarbon sensor in water adapted to the marine environment.

SSM-OiW-SENSOR uses the principle of fluorescence analysis using ultraviolet light, which gives it great sensitivity and allows it to detect soluble and emulsifiable oils.

The ultraviolet fluorescence method is used to monitor the percentage of oil in water, the oil concentration is quantitatively analyzable based on the intensity of the fluorescence emitted due to aromatic compounds and double bond compounds. The sensor has a filter that allows it to eliminate the impact of ambient light on the measurement.

Main features

  • Light, small and compact.
  • RS-485 protocol, MODBUS.
  • Built-in self-cleaning brush.
  • Materials adapted to marine environments.
  • Simple installation.
  • Robust system.


  • Señal de salidaRS-485 (Modbus)
    Condiciones de trabajo

    (-25 , 60) ℃

    (0, 100) %RH

    Rango0-50ppm ó 0-0.4
    Desviación de medida≤3%/año
    Tiempo de respuesta<20s
    Alimentación5-12V DC

    NOTA: Las características y especificaciones técnicas pueden variar sin previo aviso.


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