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Integrated Wheather Station

 The SSM-WHST weather station is a measuring device that integrates anemometer, vane, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors, allowing a complete analysis of the climatic situation. It also has environmental sensors for PM2.5 and PM10 particles that allow air pollution analysis and a noise sensor to be carried out.

 The SSM-WHST weather station can be accompanied by a set of optional modular sensors (UV, light quality sensor, rain gauge), which will allow the user a complete reading of the environmental situation.

 Main features

  •  Modularity.
  •  Light and compact.
  •  RS-485 communications protocol (transmission distance up to 1200m).
  •  Made with high quality materials with ultraviolet protection.
  •  Sensors with wide waterproof measurement range. Simple installation.
  •  Robust system.


  • ProtocoloProtocolo RS-485 (Modbus-RTU)

    Ancho x Alto: 280 x 773 mm

    Soporte: Ø88mm

    Alimentación10-30 VDC
    Consumo Máximo0.8 W


    Sensor de Humedad±3%RH(5,95)%RH,25℃)
    Sensor de Temperatura±0.5℃(25℃)
    Sensor de Presión Barométrica±0.15Kpa (25℃) 75Kpa
    Sensor de Ruido±3dB
    PM10, PM2.5±10%(25℃)
    CO2±(40ppm+ 3%F·S) (25℃)


    Anemómetro(0 , 60)m/s
    Veleta8 direcciones (45°)
    Sensor de Humedad(0 , 99)%RH
    Sensor de Temperatura(-40 , 120) ℃
    Sensor de Presión Barométrica(0 , 120)Kpa
    Sensor de Ruido(30 , 120)dB
    PM10, PM2.5(0 , 1000)ug/m3
    CO2(0 , 5000)ppm


    Estabilidad a largo plazo 
    Sensor de Temperatura≤0.1℃/año
    Sensor de Humedad≤1%/año
    Sensor de Presión Barométrica-0.1Kpa/año
    Sensor de Ruido≤3db/año
    PM10, PM2.5≤1%/año


    Tiempo de respuesta 
    Temperatura y Humedad≤1s
    Sensor de luz≤0.1s
    Sensor de Presión Barométrica≤1s
    Sensor de Ruido≤1s
    PM10, PM2.5≤90S


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